How To Trim A Horses Mane With Scissors (And It Not Look RIDICULOUS!)

Sometimes you just can’t pull a horses mane because they don’t like it or their mane is already very thin. Here is a method of cutting a mane that works and looks good. 1). Brush the mane out so its free from any tangles 2). Hold your scissors at about a 45 degree angle ( pointing at 10:00 on a clock) 3). Make cuts along the mane, starting with big cuts and finishing with smaller and smaller cuts once you get the mane the correct length 4). Brush the mane out between each pass over with scissors 5). For even more feathering you may hold your scissors so they would point at 11:00 or 11:30 on a clock Tip: Leave the mane longer than you think you need, you can always go back and cut more later.

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