me teaching

Clinics held outside of Raleigh, NC

$1000 / day (Domestic travel expenses included)

Want to have me come to you wherever you are and teach for 1, 2, or 3 full days? Private, semi-private and group lessons in Dressage, Jumping, and Cross-Country that are fun and educational for all ages and levels of riding. 

As a bonus, auditing is encouraged for free!  In addition to teaching there will be time for questions and answers over dinner and social opportunities during my stay.  

Lessons – on your own horse

Private: $50
Group Cross Country lesson:$45

Lessons are one hour long and offered in private, semi-private, and group. Jumping lessons are excellent in any format, while Dressage lessons are recommended for private or semi-private.  Cross country group lessons last 1.5 hours.




Mane pulling: $15

Braiding (Mane): $35

Show Clipping (trim whiskers, ears, bridle path, and hooves): $25 (shaping the tail add $5)

Body Clipping (trace clip):$75

Body Clipping (full body only): $100

Body Clipping (full face & legs plus body): $180

Let my years of grooming experience make your horse look the best it can!  Get your horse show ready with a package deal of several services!


Lessons – on our horses only available in Willow Springs, NC

Private:  $50

Semi-Private: $40

Lessons are offered in a private and semi-private format on a horse of ours matched to your riding skill.  We like to teach our students about horses as an animal and a riding partner. 

Students learn all aspects of riding and horse management.  Which means that you will not only know how to ride, but also competently care for your horse as well. 




Coaching and Shows

We go to local and recognized shows! Need coaching at an event to perform your best?  Not quite ready to show your horse but want him or her to get the experience?  I am happy to coach or ride your horse at a show whether I will be showing or not.

Don’t have a horse? If enrolled in weekly lessons you can also show on our horses in Willow Springs!

Contact me for rates for coaching you and/or showing your horse at a Dressage, Jumper, or Eventing shows.

Barrett Diehl - Pony club graduate


Does your horse need more work in order to make him/her the best mount for you?  Do you not have enough time to ride each week to make sure your horse is fit enough for what you ask?

Training rides are great for teaching horses new movements or skills, in addition to being a great way to keep your mount in top shape for your next big ride.  Let me put my knowledge to work on your horse through patient and positive training.

Training Ride: $40 per ride
Full Training (5-6 rides per week): $750 per month

Calendar Tips

Below is my schedule for Saddletree Stables lessons.  This is a read only calendar that shows what openings I have or current lessons booked.  After viewing the calendar you must text or e-mail me to reserve your lesson since you cannot add your lesson to my schedule from this page. 

Those needing lessons on their own horse please text or e-mail me for availability for traveling to you.  Feel free to text or e-mail me with any questions. Thank you!