Barrett is an accomplished and experienced trainer

Barrett Diehl is an accomplished barn manager, United States Eventing Association Certified trainer, and upper level rider. She is First Aid and CPR certified.  Has gone through the CDC concussion protocol training and is also certified through Safe Sport. 

She’s been riding since she was 7 years old after a birthday gift allowed her to get riding lessons. Experiencing the true magic of horse riding led her to pursue horse riding passionately and has now over 20 years of riding experience.

At age 13, Barrett was introduced to the horse riding sport of Eventing and was hooked. Through tremendous good fortune, her first mentor was Marcia Carabell. Marcia had previously been a first choice alternate for the Barcelona Olympics, and she had competed at the highest levels at Rolex, where she ranked 2nd and 3rd. These tremendous achievements made Marcia one of Barrett’s most influential trainers.

One of Barrett’s mentors, Boyd Martin, competing at the Olympics

Barrett continued to focus on academics throughout her development as a rider, and later graduated with a Bachelors in Psychology, which she feels also played a role in helping her grow personally as well as gave her an edge in training her riding students later on. 

Barrett burst into the riding world fully when the two time Olympic goal medalist, Phillip Dutton, hand selected Barrett to work with and personally began training her. Naturally, many other high achieving riders were all in good company working at True Prospect, Philip Dutton’s equestrian facility. This allowed her to also meet Boyd Martin, whom also was a Olympic competitor for the US in 2012. 

The advantage of learning and working with 4 star and Olympic riders such as Dutton, Martin, Brannigan, and others has given Barrett a tremendous edge that has directly translated into incredible benefits reaped by her students. Her students have reported consistently that they developed faster (and had more fun doing it) than with any other instructor. 

Wonderful day for group lessons with Barrett

Barrett has competed other’s horses as well as her own. More detail on the horses worked with can be found here. One OTTB (Off-the-track Thoroughbred) that was competed was “Topper”, whom competed well into the Intermediate divisions winning 2nd place. Barrett has also competed well in the American Eventing Championships in the Preliminary Division. 

Barrett has both been a riding evaluator as well as a trainer that has taught extensively in multiple mounted meetings, the Lone Star Pony club, and other Pony clubs throughout the US.  She currently owns and operates Top Flight Equestrian as the primary trainer for both private and group lessons. Barrett is also a Certified Instructor as sanctioned by the United Eventing Association. 

Barrett was personally trained by Phillip Dutton, Dual Olympic gold medalist

When not in the saddle, Barrett has frequently been sought after as a consultant for those looking to buy or sell horses and has guided many people buying their first horse. Her help is invaluable when it comes to understanding how to evaluate horses properly for purchase and has a knack for matching riders to their perfect horse.

She has also consulted on proper and elegant design of new barn construction and has helped show how to turn empty land into a income producing equestrian center – literally from the ground up. 

Top Flight Equestrian’s mission is introducing everyone, young or old, to the Joy of Riding. Whether it’s to simply have a wonderful experience learning and bonding with a horse for leisure, or to learn how to truly advance your abilities as a rider, there’s a customized lesson that’s right for you. Contact Barrett Diehl today.


What people are saying about working with Barrett 

My daughter always finishes a lesson with Barrett with a feeling of accomplishment.  Barrett is a supportive trainer while challenging her enough that her riding skills progress every ride. Barrett provides options and exercises that lead to a positive riding experience both at home and at the show!

-Christine Richard



Barrett Diehl has a magic about her with horses. They listen to her and love her. Barrett’s supportive nature and gift for being in tune with horses make her an exceptional trainer.

I have had the most amazing lessons with Barrett. She makes me feel like I am a success as a rider and I learn new things and progress every ride. Barrett is a beautiful rider as well, she makes every horse she gets on look good.

Barrett has been training my 11 year rescue Morgan mare for 2 years. When I adopted her I was told she was not rideable. With love, patience and compassion Barrett has turned her into a great riding horse as well as introducing her to eventing. I am amazed every time I watch Keara and Barrett gallop over jumps and splashing through the water. They both enjoy it so much.

Barrett breaks things down like no other trainer. It is simple, yet always effective. She communicates well, and has a keen sense of building blocks for horse and rider. Her approach to each rider differs on the needs of the horse and rider, but always goes back to the basic building blocks of good riding.

~Lynne Webb