No Stirrup November Challenge

Welcome to the Top Flight Equestrian No Stirrups November Challenge for 2021!

Click here for the No Stirrup November Challenge Entry Form

Ride without stirrups for a part of every ride for the month of November.

Finishers will receive a beautiful ribbon, certificate of completion, and be entered into a drawing for prizes from our wonderful sponsor Grand Meadows and more!

$20 for local participants
add $5 for those who need ribbons and prizes shipped

After submitting your form check your email for more information and payment details.

What counts?

All rides without stirrups count! Walk, trot, canter, jump, bareback, etc. For any amount of time!

Who can participate?

Everyone! For all riders and riding disciplines. 


Start slowly and work your way up to longer each time.

Make sure you go at your own pace and are on a safe mount to drop your stirrups.

Never ride without stirrups on a horse that is unsafe to do so.

Have fun!

Entry cost:
$20 Local – able to pick up ribbons and prizes 

$25 Non-local – requiring shipping of ribbons and prizes

Join the Top Flight Equestrians Group on Facebook to post your no stirrup adventures and progress!

If you have any questions or issues please reach out to me.

Thank you all!