How To Fit A Horseback Riding Helmet

Hey Friends! Welcome back! I see a lot of poorly fitting helmets and wanted to go over what you should be looking for next time you go riding at your barn or when you are looking to purchase your next helmet. I HIGHLY recommend buying a helmet after trying it on, you can measure your head and buy online but it is so valuable to be able to go in person to a reputable tack shop and have someone help you try a helmet on to make sure it fits. There is a great helmet for every rider in every budget!

A well fitting helmet:

Moves eyebrows when you grab the brim and wiggle it

Stays centered and level on your head

Chin strap snug- up next to your chin without choking you

Side straps directly under ears

Snug without headache- you can shake you head and it doesn’t feel like the helmet is going to pop or slid off.

A poorly fitting helmet:

Perched/vice grip/leaving red marks (too small)

Covers eyebrows/ears (too big)

Unlevel (too far back)

Tight on front and back but not on sides (Oval head)

Tight on sides but not front and back (Round head)

Chin strap loose (needs to be tightened)

Ear slides slipped down (move up underneath ears)

*A note about fitting helmets to kids. They might not be used to the pressure of a properly fitting helmet and will complain. Have them wear it while tacking and brushing the horse (or at least a couple minutes) to see if they just needed to get used to it.

Worry Less and Ride More! Cheers! B