Best Trailer Camera!

If you want to be able to check on your horses while traveling down the road you need to invest in this camera. About $150 on Amazon Click here for the Link to buy it I am not sponsored by this company, just wanted to let you know about a cool product I found.

Trailer Organization

In This Video I Go Through My Mess Of A Trailer And Show What Works For Me To Be Organized In A Small Space And Still Be Able To Get To Everything. Going through my own trailer and organizing it better. Biggest things to do are to get as many things up off the floor …

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How To Bathe Your Horse

Hello all! Here is a quick tutorial plus some tips on how to take your equine baths  to the next level! TIPS: 1)  Use warm water if you can. Not all barns have this available but it really makes a difference for your horse’s comfort and they will be much more likely to stand still for you …

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How To Figure Eight A Bridle

I get this question a lot on how to figure eight a bridle, I work at a big lesson barn where we require our students to figure eight the bridles and recently I have been noticing that students have not been figure eighting our bridles and I am hoping it is just from a lack …

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What To Wear For Winter Riding

Now that we are in the full swing of winter I get a lot of students who do not come properly dressed for their lesson and end up being very uncomfortable.  We can’t learn well if we aren’t comfortable.  So I want to give my insight into being comfortable while riding.  Here is just a …

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2018 Saddletree Mock Show

We host shows that are a lot of fun at Saddletree monthly. This month’s show is just for Saddletree students to learn a new style of showing!  Mock shows are a great way for students (and parents or significant others!) to learn the in’s and out’s of showing, ask questions, and learn in a non-stressful …

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