How To Bathe Your Horse

Hello all!

Here is a quick tutorial plus some tips on how to take your equine baths  to the next level!


1)  Use warm water if you can. Not all barns have this available but it really makes a difference for your horse’s comfort and they will be much more likely to stand still for you if the water temperature is warm.

2) Use diluted soap so you can get the horse covered in soapy water evenly and you will find that the horse is much easier to rinse clean if you do.

3) Use a curry comb to really scrub down into the horses coat. Focusing on the top of the hindquarters.

4) Sweat scrape and rinse off at the same time. The sweat scraper will help bring any bubbles/left over soap to the surface and you can rinse away. Make sure you go back over with just the sweat scraper after you are done rinsing to dry the horse faster.

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