How to Assemble a Bridle

Today we talk about how to put together a bridle.

Most people don’t know they don’t know how to put a bridle back together only once they have taken it apart. Whoops!

Here are the steps to put your bridle back together properly.

You will need the following pieces (shown in the video):




Cheek pieces (2)



Step 1). Find the crown piece and hang it up somewhere (doorknob works great in a pinch, or a tack hook) We will be putting the bridle together oriented like we are looking at the horse. Long throatlatch should be on the left side as you look at it. Of the two pieces of leather on the left side the shorter one should be closer to you and the longer one (throatlatch) should be further away from you.

2). Find your browband and if it doesn’t have a right side up then just slide it over the ends of the crown piece. If it does have a particular way to sit right side up then follow the instructions in the video to align it properly.

3). Take the noseband and slide it underneath the crownpiece and through the browband, follow it up and over the doorknob (or hanger of choice, keeping it underneath the crownpiece) and down through the other side of the browband. Buckle it together.

4). Take your cheek pieces and attach one to each side of the bridle. To make sure you are attaching it to the right one you want to make sure to buckle it to the piece of leather that is thinner and closer to you/ closer to the front of the horse/ closer to the front of the browband. Do this on both sides (although on the left side it should be easy since there is only one obvious piece to buckle to since the other piece is the long throatlatch.)

5). Take your bit and find which way it is supposed to close and be in the horse’s mouth (outlined in the video) and attach it to the cheek pieces. Remember we are putting the bridle together in the orientation of facing the horse.

6). Attach the reins to the bottom of the bit away from the direction of the noseband and the browband (the protrusions of these should be facing one way and the reins should be facing the opposite). With the pretty side of the leather facing away from the horses neck. If the reins become twisted you can fix this via the buckle in the middle of the reins.

That’s it! Your bridle is put together.

Cheers! B