Farewell To Barn 13 In Austin, TX

In late 2017, I am bidding a sweet farewell to Barn 13.   Barn 13 grew from a simple idea into something truly beautiful and was a gem for many students that took lessons from me there. In the beginning we started with 3 horses and one paddock with a shelter. The tack room and feed was kept in a stock horse trailer and we would tie the horses to the horse trailer to groom and tack up and ride on the flattest parts of the property since there wasn’t a barn or an arena to speak of.

Over the course of the two years at Barn 13 I helped grow the facility and had a blast doing it. We added four paddocks, a beautiful five stall barn, office, feed/hay room, huge bathroom, gallop track, trails, and an arena with quality jumps. As we added structures we also added multiple horses and we focused on improving them for showing and to teach lessons.  

Most of Barn 13’s horses either won or placed very well in each schooling or rated show entered. Sometimes with myself in the irons, but my students won and placed often on them as well. 

I was with Barn 13 for two years, but a fabulous facility comes with a lot of upkeep and work so after two years the owner of Barn 13, Joanne Inscore, decided to downsize and focus less on running a farm and more on just caring for a couple horses and enjoying a more relaxed pace. With the change in pace at Barn 13 I decided it was a good time for me to make a transition as well. I have decided to move closer to the horse and Eventing action on the east coast as I have realized that it’s important that we never stop learning no matter what our skill. I hope to learn from the great riders and trainers out here and to be able to continue my Top Flight Equestrian business as well by teaching riders and training horses in my new area.

As of 2017, I am currently in the Raleigh, NC area as it’s a central location to a lot of horse shows, barns, and trainers and it’s easy to keep showing and training year round. I hope to spend my time here, however long or short that may be, well by training with a lot of the great names that call this home and I hope to impart my knowledge to those looking for lessons or training in the area.

You can read up on the horses that were a part of my Barn 13 time on my Horses page. Each one was important in helping me become the rider I am today and I know all who have been sold are with loving families who enjoy them just as much as I did.

You can also follow my journeys in North Carolina and beyond by following my Top Flight Equestrian Facebook page by clicking here.