Instructor Certification

I received my certification in the ICP for Level 1 Training. Find out more about what this program is why it matters.

Western vs English

What’s the difference between Western and English riding, and why I chose to ride and teach English.

Barn 13 Developments

In 2017, I’ll be bidding a bittersweet farewell to the lovely Barn 13 in Austin, TX to grow my teaching and riding career in North Carolina (Area 2).

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USEA Workshop news 

Hello!  Thank you for your interest in Auditing the Instructor Cerfiticaiton Jumping Workshop.  This workshop will cover the instruction of jumping from Novice – Prelimiary level heights and questions.  

For people wishing to audit I will have a signup sheet in the office, please fill it out  and leave payment made out to Barrett Diehl for $50 per day you audit. 



Friday November 18th and Saturday November 19th

8am – 1 hour lecture by Jim Graham

9am – Model Teach by Jim Graham

10am- 1pm Candidate Instructor Practice Lessons

1pm-1:30pm – LUNCH

1:30pm – 5:30pm – Candidate Instructor Practice Lessons


Sunday November 20th (We may start earlier)

7am – 1 hour lecture by Jim Graham

8am – Model Teach by Jim Graham

9am- 12pm Candidate Instructor Practice Lessons

12pm-12:30pm – LUNCH

12:30pm – 3:30pm – Candidate Instructor Practice Lessons



A few other things:

Coffee and breakfasty type snacks will be offered each morning and lunch will be offered for $5 each day, there will be sandwiches from Thundercloud, chips, snacks, and water available.   


We will be doing a dinner together at Flores (2440 E Hwy 290, Dripping Springs, TX 78620) on Saturday and everyone is welcome to come (we may do Friday as well if warranted). We can plan to be at Flores at 7pm Saturday but we can discuss as a group what works best for everyone. 


Address to the farm is 5500 McGregor Lane, Dripping Springs, TX 78620. GPS is  good about getting you to the farm, but let me know if you need directions. 


There are two entrances to the farm – you will take the 2nd entrance.


The first entrance is at the mailbox to 5500 McGregor lane.  Once you reach that just keep going past it and follow the road around to the right (you will start to see the paddocks, barn, and arena)  take your next right into the farm.  Big sign out front says Barn Thirteen and sign over the gate says Independence Ranch.  Gate code is 1356 (gate is slow to respond so just wait a few seconds after putting in the code).  Horse trailers can park along the track or up by the barn; cars can park in front of the arena and up by the barn. 


There isn’t the best cell reception at the farm, but we have wifi.  

Name:   Barn Thirteen

Password:  let’sride



I recommend bringing a hat, sunscreen, chair, and a rain jacket.  The weather should be good, but the arena doesn’t have any shade and it looks like there will be a chance of rain Friday morning. I will have a cooler of waters at the arena and the office will have a fridge with water and snacks as well.  


As a side note – some of the jumps used at the clinic will be for sale. If you are intersted in purchasing some standards or poles let me know. 


If you have any questions feel free to ask!  E-mail me at or text/call at 757-880-2885 🙂    Thank you again!

Analyzing Progress

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The Half Halt

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