The Half Halt

The secret to unlocking your horses potential for a better jump, transition, and higher dressage score. 

Analyzing Progress

A look into the five ways my student progressed in a month

Riding Transitions

The number one thing to do during your ride to make your horse better.

The One Thing You Aren’t Thinking of After a Fall

When you fall off a horse, should you just dust yourself off and jump back on? Here’s the 1 reason it’s not a good idea.

Western vs English

What’s the difference between Western and English riding, and why I chose to ride and teach English.

Describing a Horse

If you’re buying or selling a horse, you need to see this ultimate infographic on understanding horse descriptions.


Instructor Certification

I’ll be pursing the instructor Certification in 2018. Find out more about what this program is why it matters.

Barn 13 Developments

In 2017, I’ll be bidding a bittersweet farewell to the lovely Barn 13 in Austin, TX to grow my teaching and riding career in North Carolina (Area 2).

USEA Workshop

I’m hosting the USEA Instructor Certification workshop. Directions, timelines, and more are found here.


Mock Show at Saddletree Stables

Mock shows are a great way for students (and parents or significant others!) to learn the in’s and out’s of showing, ask questions, and learn in a non-stressful environment.